For think tanks, the structure of a piece of content isn’t always the same thing as its function. It’s time for our CMSs to stop treating them as if they were.

Or, experiments in writing for the web

Explaining migration through interconnected research findings

We want to show that all of our research themes are connected.

We’re asking too much from our content management systems

In Which I Digress Into Talking About Art

The East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Or, why your “one-stop shop for all things X” is never going to work.

This kind of one-stop shop still has a future.

Aggregation Theory

Or, why at least one former philosopher doesn’t see anything wrong with virtual assistants making phone calls.

Bots pretending to be human? Clearly villains.

The Case Against Duplex

  1. Duplex sounds like a human.
  2. Duplex does not…

On Paratext and Transmedia Storytelling

Is bundling the future of research communications?

  1. Move to subscriptions.
  2. Bundle content.

What does it mean to call something a story?

  1. What exactly is a story?
  2. What is it about stories that the web changes?

Storytelling and the Web: a Brief History

Documents are the wrong metaphor for the web


Content strategist and director of DC studio @designbysoapbox. Formerly with @TCFdotorg, @USCBO & @factcheckdotorg. Recovering philosopher.

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